How to Approach Fall Fashion When Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Bank Balance

If there were a season of fashion that I could liken the most to an all you can eat sushi restaurant it would be fall. If you overestimate how much sushi your body can consume, you have to pay for it. Every damn piece. Who knew that a single sheet of paper and tiny pencil coupled with a large appetite could lead to your wallet’s demise?

So to lower the likelihood of you doing the same thing (but at a higher stake) to your bank account once you see all of the AMAZING, HAVE TO HAVE IT ALL, new stuff on the Reformation website, pump the brakes. Shopping carts fill up fast. Fall fashion can be expensive. Good quality denim, sweaters, boots, and outerwear are objectively worth the investments - but maybe not all at once.

So here are some ways you can break the change of seasons gently to your bank account:

1. Do an audit of your closet: Doesn’t that sound fancy? If your friends text you while you’re in the middle of your closet audit tell them that you’re “conducting an official inspection of your wardrobe.” This also translates to just throwing (almost) every item of clothing you own onto the nearest and largest clear area of space and declaring the survival of the fittest.

2. Take some OOTD mirror pictures: If you’ve met the goal of your audit (hint: to get inspired by the clothes that you already have) hopefully you’ll have thought of some new outfit ideas. You can either take pictures of your outfits that are just of the clothes orrrr of you wearing them. I suggest the second because everything looks different on. 

3. Pick out the summer/spring pieces you can repurpose for the fall: Layering is a beautiful thing. So is not feeling like you're on the verge of hypothermia and/or a heatstroke. This is of course also useful for transitioning some of your warmer weather clothes into being worn in a cooler season.

4. Assess your needs and meet them: I think the 'never go to the supermarket hungry' rule can accurately be applied to to clothes, accessories, etc. shopping. When you've reached the point of desperation for a new pair of jeans you'll end up settling with a 'meh' pair. I also usually end up adding to my collection of 'shirts I've worn only once' without realizing it until it's too late. So make a list of what you need and don't feel like you have to compromise.