My Favorite Places to Receive and Send Plan Cancelling Texts From

1. With my finger en route to click "continue watching" for another episode of Queer Eye or [insert name of other show that pulls on humanity's heartstrings].

2. In the moments before I succumb to the pressure of picking at a not-ready-to-be-popped zit as a means of putting off deciding what I'm going to wear. 

3. Swaddled in a blanket, on the -- rare occasion -- I'm nose deep in a great book that I'm pages away from finishing. In a Nancy Meyers fantasy world, there is a Diptyque candle burning in the background and I'm wearing a cashmere sweatsuit. 

4. In the throes of a Pinterest spree.

5. Sipping on my favorite metaphorical cocktail of YouTube videos consisting of celebrity interviews, One Direction music videos, beauty tutorials, and influencer vlogs.

6. In the middle of reading a think piece on how Riverdale turned Archie into a fascist (via The Outline).

7. Online "shopping" for clothes that I would wear if I ever got invited places.